9 Must Have Chrome Extensions/Add-Ons

Here’s my first post on WordPress. It’s a note I posted a while back on my FB profile.

Starting with the assumption that everyone knows what Google Chrome is, I will just state a couple of things-

It’s twice as fast as its nearest competitor i.e Opera(rest don’t even come close) and provably the most secure browser in the world. (It was the only one that wasn’t hacked at Pwn2own while the rest were, within minutes of the start)


Also, owing to the incredible development support[Chrome is a part of a bigger Open-Source project called Chromium], Chrome has thousands of really cool extensions. Below I list some useful ones.

1.Panic Button:- Personally, one of my favorites. Imagine you are browsing some sites and a friend/colleague/gf/bf suddenly crops up from behind and you don’t want them to see what you were seeing(could be anything depending on how pervert you are). What do you do? Just click on the super-cool “Panic Button”. It hides all your tabs and replaces them with the New Tab page. Clicking the button again restores all the pages.

2.WOT:-Web Of Trust is a community based tool that lets users/visitors rate sites based upon how trustworthy it is. Green means safe, Red means you are at your own risk and Yellow indicates a mixed response.

3.Stumble Upon Toolbar:-Bored? Already been through all your bookmarked sites? Try Stumble Upon- it does what it says. With a large varieties of topics ranging from politics to college humor and over a billion sites to visit, all you need to do when you are shit bored is click on a button. StumbleUpon has also launched many other services like StumbleThru, StumbleVideo etc.


4.AdBlock and AdThwart:- Block most of those irritating ads that crop up on every site. Prevents browsing from becoming a nuisance. Tagline-Kiss ads goodbye and browse in peace.

5.Turn Off the Lights:- One extension with a really cool name. Makes watching videos online a pleasing experience. The entire browser except the video pane fades to black when you click on it.

6.Facebook for Chrome:- Lets you check the news feed, your profile and messages and also displays the number of notifications you have. Good for a quick glance of your account. Similar extensions include “Gmail checker Plus”, “Orkut Chrome” and “ChromedBird” for GMail, Orkut and Twitter respectively

7.XMarks Bookmark and Password Sync:- Syncs your bookmarks and passwords across different browsers and workstations.

8.Snow:– Just a fun app. Does nothing useful except making it look like it’s snowing on your webpage. But is a visual treat. 🙂

9.Favorite Doodle:- Lets you choose your favorite doodle from the Google Doodle gallery containing all the doodles made till date. Next time you visithttp://www.google.com/, hola, there’s your favorite doodle sitting on it.

Also, there are tons of other extensions I haven’t tried yet including Mini-versions of many sites like Wiki, Flixster, Cricinfo, Financial Times etc., just for fun apps including Scrabble, Tic Tac Toe, Mini Golf and so on.

Here’s the link for the latest stable release of Chrome.  http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/landing_chrome.html?hl=en

So go, start “Chroming”.