Why I hate Modi? And Indian politicians in general.

In the beginning, it might seem like the occasional ramblings of a frustrated 1st year MBA student, but the gravity of the situation cannot be neglected. While Modi may claim that Gujarat is “progressing” and have his bunch of ministers upload documents on the web to substantiate his claims[1], truth be told, Gujarat is one of the only two(the other one being Mizoram) dry states in India. How are regional prohibitions on alcohol in sync with the concept of democracy, my feeble mind fails to grasp!

And that is not the worst part. The prohibitions seemingly apply only to Indians. Foreign tourists are exempted from this rule/law/ban. I have seen foreigners walk openly with a carton of beer in both hands. While the Modi fan-boys claim that is is just a gimmick to attract tourists[2], a differential law, nevertheless, defeats the whole concept of equality- one of the pillars on which a democratic nation stands. This discrimination also points to a more serious issue- “Modism” is still reeling under the inferior Indian mentality of the pre-independence era. Giving foreigners more rights than the natives should be a matter of shame for the man whom many nimble-heads hail as the future PM of India. No Sir! I will not vote for Modi. Whilst I might have some ulterior personal motives(and fears) for my decision, there is also the general apprehension of what Modi and his ultra-conservative policies will do to the largest democracy of the world.

But then, what are my options? Rahul Gandhi? I would be damned if I do after seeing the following stats:

(1) Amethi has 39.5% literacy level (national average being around 65%),
(2) Around 50% population is below poverty line.
(3) Only 15% population has access to electricity.
(4) Vaccination level is below 16%.
(5) Around 16% of children die below age of 5 years
(6) Amethi received Rs.3.06 crore as developmental fund from Govt. of India in 2009-10 of which Rahul Gandhi used merely 5.89% (0.18 crore). Where did the rest 94% go? Surely, Rahul-ass-Gandhi’s pocket must know.
Now let us see his record as a champion youth icon Member of Parliament:
(1) The national MP attendance average in the parliament is 77%. Rahul Gandhi’s attendance is 47%.
(2) National average for questions asked by MPs in parliament is 119. Rahul Gandhi asked ZERO questions.
(3) The national average for Debates attended by MPs is 15.6. Rahul Gandhi attended ZERO debates.

The following image shows how big a hypocrite that son of a bitch is:

Second option: Mayawati.

The money-gobbling, calling-everyone-mad, erecting-elephant-statues, making-own-birthday-a-media-event, sending-private-jet-to-Mumbai-to-fetch-sandals, illiterate bitch? Not even if all hell breaks loose or freezes over (whichever be the permitted case according to the laws of Thermodynamics).

The bitch transfers/gets arrested/sends to asylum anyone who raises a voice against her, accepts money worth crores as “gifts” from the sycophants surrounding her, doesn’t give two hoots about the general public, squanders billions of worth of public money on erecting statues of herself and her party symbol (the elephant. How I wish one of those would trample her!), declares her birthday as Jan Kalyankari Diwas (People’s Welfare Day)[3] whilst sucking the very life out of the helpless.

But this, sadly is the current Indian “poly-tick-al” situation.

Disclaimer: All the views expressed in the post are strictly mine and in sync with that of any sane person’s. Apologies for the slightly offensive language employed intermittently. Trust me, this is as decent as I could get.